Shop these additional adventures with Cara Black's Aimée Leduc!

Volume 1
In Paris's historic Jewish quarter, Aimée finds a dead woman carved with a swastika, plunging her into a web of ancient secrets and buried war crimes.

Volume 2
Tension runs high as a hunger strik escalates among Algerian immigrants and Aimée barely escapes a car bombing in this tale of terrorism and greed.

Volume 3
When a mysterious visitor promises contact with her long-lost mother, Aimée finds herself hot on the trail of the Seventies radicals.

Volume 4
Aimée is attacked in the shadowy Passage Boule Blanche. Regaining conciousness, she finds herself temporarily blinded, but is determined to identify her attacker.

Volume 5
An act of kindness ends in a stranger's death, leaving Aimée with a bullet wound, a check for 50,000 francs, and a trove of Vietnamese jade artifacts whose provenance is a mystery.

Volume 6
In an attempt to clear a friend's name, Aimée encounters Corsican seperatist terrorists, Montmartre prostitutes, and learns of the French "ear in the sky."

Volume 7
Aimée tries to identify the mother of a missing child while two murders and an abortive bombing led by environmental protesters propel her into danger.

Volume 8
Finding out who cut her lover's throat involves Aimée in Kurdish and Turkish politics as she tries to track down his contacts above and beneath the streets of Paris.

Volume 9
Aimée, a virtual orphan, embraces a Haitian woman claiming to be her sister, involving her in murky Haitian politics, which leads to murder in the old university district of Paris.

Volume 10
René Fraint, Aimée's partner in Leduc Detective, is wounded and eye-witnesses have pegged her as the culprit. It seems that someone is impersonating Aimée, someone who wants revenge. But, for what?

Volume 11
In one of Paris's wealthiest neighborhoods, a murder investigation leads Aimée to police corruption; the radical Basque terrorist group, ETA; and a kidnapped Spanish princess.

Volume 12
A missing young woman, an illegal immigrant raid in progress, botched affairs of the heart, dirty policemen, the French secret service, cutting-edge science secrets, and a murderer on the loose - What has Aimée gotten herself into?

Volume 13
When Aimée’s long-term partner and best friend Rene leaves their detective agency for a new job in Silicon Valley, Aimée knows she can handle the extra workload. At least, that what she tells herself. Repeatedly. But all bets are off when Yuri Volodya, a mysterious old Russian man, hires Aimée to protect a painting. But by the time she gets to his Montparnasse atelier, the precious painting has already been stolen, leaving Aimée smelling a rat. The next day, Yuri is found tortured to death in his kitchen. To top it all off, it looks like Aimée isn’t the only one looking for the painting. Some very dangerous people are threatening her and her coworkers, and witnesses are dropping like flies. Now Aimee has to find the painting, stop her attackers, and figure out what her long-missing mother, who is on Interpol’s most wanted list, has to do with all this—fingers crossed she wasn’t Yuri’s murderer, despite clues pointing in that direction.